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Tips to Make Your Marriage Can Last Forever

1) Rescuing the Relationship

To save your relationship, you must first figure out what is causing it to fall apart. Do you and your spouse talk about things, or are you too busy working and raising your family to discuss what’s going on?

Have you gone on a date in the last six months? Do you fight and argue all the time, or has one of you cheated on the other?

What is causing the relationship to break down? Let’s face it; you don’t just wake up one morning and say, “I think I’d like a divorce today.”

In order to figure out what’s going (or gone) wrong in your relationship, you need to take a step back from your feelings to observe what is going on.

If you fight frequently, write down the things you fight about. Write down the amount of time you’ve spent together in the last few days, and write down what you were doing when you weren’t spending time together.

You will want to get everything straight in your head before you start to talk to your spouse about your problems and what you think might be damaging your relationship.

2) Talking – It Is Not Overrated

After you have gathered your information, approach your spouse. Make sure you go into the discussion calmly and rationally. You also want to make sure that you’re not accosting or accusing, but rather asking and questioning.

If you go into the talk too aggressively, you are going to turn them off and nothing will get answered or resolved. Make sure you lay everything out on the table, from the things that are bothering you to the things that you wish you did more of together.

Explain that you want to know how your spouse is feeling, and that you care about where they want the relationship to go.

3) Scheduling

If you have a busy schedule, you may want to make an appointment to have this discussion. Actually, making a schedule for the two of you on a weekly basis is an excellent idea.

All parents know that children thrive on routine, which is why they have a time to wake up, a time to eat, and a time to go to bed. Relationships thrive on a somewhat of a timed schedule, as well.

For instance, I have a friend whose husband and herself spend every Saturday night together. They have young children, so most of the time they stay in instead of going out. They will rent a movie and either get take-out or some quick meal they can throw together once the kids have gone to bed.

They would leave the lights on in the living room long enough to eat their meal, and then, once that’s done, they put the dishes in the sink (they will still be there the next day, so there’s no reason to spoil the mood by doing them), turn the lights off and snuggle together to watch the rest of the movie.

They don’t talk about anything except the movie, and make sure that they are touching each other as much as we can.

It is not “un-romantic” to schedule time to be with your spouse. Make sure that you get some time together, whether it’s going out together, or staying in watching a movie. Sometimes you can pull out a board game, add some alcohol, and have a great night being silly together.

As you get along in your relationship, you come to take each other for granted. Spending fun, relaxing time together is one great way to get your relationship back on track.

If you’re thinking about filing for divorce because you can’t stand the fighting anymore, stop. Think about why you are fighting, and try to put yourself in your partner’s shoes.

When you love each other and put a little work into it, marriages really can last forever.


Tips to Reduce The Costs of The Wedding Meals

First of all it all comes down to supply and demand. Many weddings are held in preference in the spring. Caterers are busy during this peak time. If the time of year is not crucial an off peak time wedding can afford better negotiating in dealing with caterers and florists. It is not unlike shopping for a car at the end of the month where the car dealer is more than amenable to make a deal better than otherwise in an effort to meet his production quota. If possible host your wedding in an off peak wedding period.

Next in terms of catering look at the size of your wedding party. If the party is smaller then perhaps the wedding reception and meal can be held in a restaurant.

Restaurants often have “party “or large “meeting rooms:” for this purpose and will more than generously accommodate you for a booking if you ask. It’s found guaranteed business for a restaurant to pay its bills and they will more than gladly book it. If your meal is held offsite another possibility is have the meal catered by restaurant as well.

If the meal is larger often caterers will give discounts (if asked) for larger events.

There costs are less – one event rather than many, less transportation costs than to a number of small events. Economies of scale in terms of purchases of supplies and cooking as well are entailed. If Wal-Mart can lean on their suppliers for volume discounts why can’t you.

Extras such as extra serving personnel and place settings can be reduced or even eliminated. If possible have the food or supplies (such as chairs and tables) picked up by yourself, a friend or agent (who is dependable)… You may well find that by renting a van at weekend rates and hiring a reliable neighbor for the task may save you money instead of having the caterer plus other suppliers all charge you delivery, setup and pickup fees. In addition you will reduce the chance of late fees of late returned items as the deliveries and pick ups are at your control.

Watch out for extra costs that may be “slid in”. You cannot blame the catering companies and hotels if they don’t tell you of cost saving means if it is not in their favor.

After all this is their livelihood. For example the costs of beverages can be quite a major hit in the pocket book of the wedding reception, Inquire as to the liquor laws of your state and the rules of the hotel, You may find that you are able to purchase and serve your own wines and liquor at the reception as long as you satisfy the local liquor and hospitality regulations. This often entails obtaining a permit from the local liquor control or restaurant authorities. These rules vary from locale to locale.

With the correct liquor or wine permit you may be able to purchase your wine or liquor less expensively, Again it all depends on the rules of the hotel, hall or restaurant.

You may be charged the cost of bartenders and serving personnel, you may be charged nothing. Sometimes the procedure is to charge a “corkage fee”. All in all it’s a matter of discussion and negotiation; it all comes down to an evaluation of what is the best overall deal for you.


Steps on Wedding Planning

1. Budging with the Budget

Formulating and calculating your wedding budget is the first step in planning your wedding. Deciding the budget is certainly no child’s play. This process would include you and your parents, your fiancee and his/her parents. Be ready for all types of arguments, discussions and negotiations.

TIP: To make this process easier is to sit down with your family, fiancee and his/her respective family and figure out:

a) Who is contributing?

b) How much is being contributed from each family?

c) Details and ceremonies that the bride and groom to be want to include in their wedding.

Come up with the total of your Budget, keeping the above factors in mind.

2. Vision to Mission Wedding

Every couple has a certain vision and dream as to the way they want their wedding to be organized. Now is the time where all your dream wedding sequences can be put into reality in sync with your budget.

Make a list of all the details, ceremonies, theme, favours, customs you want to include in your wedding program.

3. Researching

This is the most important and may be time consuming step. A lot goes into researching. You may ask what I should research for. The answer is below

a) Wedding planner

Some are of the view that wedding planners are afforded by few. This perception is wrong. Today wedding planners work and charge according to the budget of your wedding and hence they have now become affordable to hire.

To find the perfect wedding planner for your event research for them on internet, blogs and website or may be someone who was a planner in your friend’s wedding. Hire the one that fits your budget and understands your vision and concept of your wedding.

b) Photographer

You sure can’t leave the pictures to be taken for the most important day of your life, on your relatives and friends. These pictures and videos are going to go down in your memory lane so make sure you research well about the photographer and then hire him.

Please discuss their terms, conditions and charges.

TIP: Check their Portfolio, Bio, Website and blogs before you finalise them.

4. Create your Planning Folder

A wedding magazine, article, Decor photos, some wedding outfit pictures, invitation cards, save the date cards that have inspired you or that you want to be included in your, stick them up in your folder that would be helpful for the planner to execute your imagination.

5. Execution Of Plans

Now that your list of ceremonies, functions, theme, guests is ready its time that you hand it over to your wedding planner. Give them the clear picture of your plan and expectations and they shall carry out the same efficiently.

Here you will have to accompany them during the selection of your wedding venue, caterers and decor.

6. Arranging Your Guests Stay

Making your guests comfortable should be the topmost priority in hospitality section. You may have decided on a destination wedding or maybe it is in the same city. But you will have guests coming in from different cities, so it is important that you arrange their stay, food and transport.

Book a hotel or resort close to your wedding venue as this would make it easier to commute on the day of your wedding.

7. Sending Out The Save The Date Cards

The first lot of these cards should be sent to your VIP’s and Busy Bee’s so that they can reserve themselves for your function. You can get many creative ideas from your planner or internet. These cards could be sent via an email or through courier. These cards should be sent out atleast 4-6 months in advance.

8. Invitation Cards

Market is filled with talented invitation designers to choose from, for designing your wedding invitation card. If you are the types of DIY and have an artistic hand, you could design this yourself.

Provide the designs to the Printer way in advance and make sure you get the delivery on time.

Send the invitations out a month or two in advance.

9. Wedding Dress And Trousseau

If you have a designer then providing them the pictures from your planning folder and concept would solve your purpose. Go for your designer outfit selection atleast 4-6 months in advance as this could take some time.

Once your outfit is ready have a trial or two so that you know how the final product looks like.

10. Reception

For those who want to throw a reception party, Make sure you have mentioned this out to your guests in the invites. Reception party may be on the day of your wedding or on some later day. It could be in the same hall or in a different. Hence plan when, where and how you want your reception party to be organised.


Wedding Cakes History

It was around 1900 when the Romans started baking wheat with salt into small cakes. In the ceremony, the groom would eat part of loaf of barley bread and would break the rest over the bride’s head. It was a symbol of great fortune and blessing. The crowd would then try to take some of the bread for themselves as it was believed that whoever touches the bread would have the same good fortune, many children and be blessed.

And the customs also said that only a child born from parents who had this kind of marriage could qualify for high administration in Roman culture. Having celebrated this way, their children, unborn still, are believed to bring good fortune. Breaking the bread over the bride’s head symbolizes the dominance of the groom over his spouse.

Now, the cake took its large, modern turn and it is completely unpractical to break the cake over the future-wife’s head. The tradition became physically impractical and quickly disappeared. There are some reports of the oatcake being broken over the bride’s head, but rarely, in Northern Scotland. Then the crowd would put a napkin on her head and pour a basket of breads on her. This tradition is now also dead.

In Medieval England, wedding cakes were actually breads with four-flour base foods and no sugar. The breads were actually mandatory in every celebration, not just weddings. Some funny reports say that there was a custom where a large pile of buns was placed in front of the marrying couple. If they are able to kiss over the pile, it is considered that the marriage will be a lifetime of prosperity. This was particularly a practice in Christian Matrimony where the groom kisses the bride after exchanging vows.

After that, the cake made a modern turn, and now we have wedding cakes with many stories and layers instead of a pile of buns.

During the reign of King Charles II, a French chef visited London and was simply horrified by the tradition of the cake-piling. He was traveling around Europe and noticed that if you pile smaller cakes then you will get a solid stacked system.

These kinds of cakes needed a lot of time to prepare, so they could be frosted in a bid to make them still and firm. Due to lack of modern refrigerating techniques cakes were frosted in lard to avoid drying out. Then, they scraped the lard just before the serving.

In later years, sugar was added to improve the taste.

Also, with the improvement of kitchen tools, cakes were made more solid, sweeter and they left the lard to stay on the cake in the form of decorative icing.

Although you get a lot of varieties of cakes these days, but for the wedding day people tend to choose designer cakes these days. These cakes are custom made with a good theme kept in mind. Couples also tend to choose cakes with more and more layers. It is a tough task for the chef to prepare such cakes.

These days at any wedding occasions you will not miss to see some good delicious designer cakes. In India, and especially in Kerala, Matrimony is incomplete without such cakes with modern designer twists.


Simple Wedding Favor Ideas

If you want something personalized looking at some wedding favor websites will help you get a few ideas. One idea would be personalize your favorite cd. If your a chef personalize a spoon and give it as a wedding favor. These are two examples of something that is not expensive to give.

If you love food this offers many different great party favor ideas for your wedding guests. Here are 3 you could build off of.

– You could use cookies and almost any one of any age loves cookies.

Chocolate gives you many different ideas you could use for a wedding favor. You can buy in bulk and package it anyway you want. Plus it will appear you spent more time on it than you actually did, which is great for p.r. as well.

– If you love fruit there are many arrangements available that would make your guests happy. Remember they are here for your wedding, but you are thanking them with this gift. Plus you are giving a wedding favor that is healthy.

When you decide what wedding favor to put on the table keep this in mind. You want to be sure
and let them know about the two of you so personalize it as much as you can. Write a little thank you note on a card, or put your anniversary picture on the favor so they have always have it.

You can find craft paper at craft stores and make something attractive with it. Search the words “wedding favors made from craft paper” in your favorite search engine to com up with some goo ideas. Pick one that is uniquely you.

There is no end to the number of wedding favors that express who you and your mate are. Choose one that shows what brought you to together, and what you enjoy in life. Just keep it simple and within your budget and you should find the most unique party favor for your wedding.


Unique Wedding Favor Ideas

If you look on-line or in magazines you can find unique wedding favor ideas that would be perfect for your wedding shower or wedding reception. You can also ask some of your friends what they have done in the past. You could ask the opinion of your family or inlaws if you trust them.

Being unique is the best thing because no one else has seen the party favor before. For example if you are a hair stylist put your name on small bottles of shampoo. Or you can put little scissors on the table with your name and date on them to remember you by.

There is always the practical unique wedding favors. If you drink a lot of coffee give a mug with some coffee beans in them. Do you have a certain song that you both love? Copy the song on a cd and put your name on it. It will be a perfect unique gift to them from you.

If you have an unusual wedding theme go with wedding favors that match it. One idea would a Halloween theme. If you are getting married in the winter there are snowflake wedding favors.

A Valentines wedding might have red wedding favors. Or you can use hearts or arrows for your wedding favors.

Chocolate is always popular and a safe way to go. You can get a small box of chocolate and put you name on the box that they can have.

Unique wedding favors offer you many choices and ideas for them. Just think about what your interests are, the time of year you are getting married, and the type of people that you are.


Wedding Party Favor Ideas

One idea is to personalize your wedding party favors for your guests. When you personalize a gift you are giving them a special token of your appreciation for them sharing in your big day.

Another thing is this makes them individualistic which helps make them special for everyone. When you personalize them you create a remembrance of you and your wedding.

And you can find many ways to personalize them at a budget you can afford. You just need to come up with the right idea. So how do you do that?

Here are a 5 personalized wedding party favor ideas that can be.

– Bottle Stopper Personalized Topper. These can be gorgeous wedding party favor you can personalize. They will add unique flair and elegance to the kitchen of your wedding guests.

– Luminous Mini-Lanterns. They can add a little mood, a touch of romance, or set the ambiance for any meal and they are the type of thoughtful gift that every guest will enjoy taking home. They will remind guests “you light up my life.”

– Champagne Personalized Shower and Bath Gel. These will remind your guests each time they use them when they are relaxing. You can personalize each with with the couples first names and your wedding date.

– Place Card Photo Frame. This is a classic and stylish gift that can be used in many unique ways. You can make these eye catching by adding hand painted designs and a silver border.

– Ice Cream Scoop in Parlor Gift Box. This is a gift that can be used over and over for years to come. Everyone loves ice creams and a ice cream scoop that you personalize -n a gift box is a great idea that is unique as well.

Things You Can Do to Promote Martial Bliss

1. Forgive

Way before marriage counseling even was thought of, the Apostle Paul set forth the components of a healthy marriage in Colossians 3:13: “accepting one another and forgiving one another if anyone has a complaint against another. Just as the Lord has forgiven you, so also you must forgive.”

Sounds simple enough, but forgiveness can be one of the most difficult things to do. Yet, when we consider God’s example of forgiveness for all our wrongdoings, perhaps we can be more motivated to let go of the hurts that our spouses have done to us. Every marriage struggles with petty issues that can crawl under our skin. Which ones do you need to let go of?

2. Celebrate their marriage

We have all heard that 50% of marriages will end in divorce, even Christian ones. Given these statistics, marriage is something to be celebrated, not discounted – or even berated. Social norm tends to poke fun at martial roles and even insult spousal behaviors. Watch any TV show with a married couple, and you are bound to hear jokes that are discounting to spouses or even marriage itself.

I say Boo! Celebrate your marriage, praise your spouse, and plan something special for your anniversary! If you won’t celebrate your marriage, who will?

3. Enjoy sexual passion

Sadly, sexless marriages can be a norm for a lot of couples, especially Christian marriages. This can be a result of past sexual abuse, insulting comments about performance, or even poor time management. There can also be a disparity in preferred frequency between couples. Read the Song of Solomon and it becomes very clear that God intends sex to be filled with passion. Identify and eliminate anything that steals away the sexual passion in your marriage relationship.

4. Do fun things together

Marriage isn’t just about sex, intimacy, and even household chores. It needs to be about FUN FUN FUN! If something isn’t fun, then we tend to become bored or frustrated with it. So it is with a marital relationship, fun is a necessity to a thriving marriage. Find new leisure activities to do with your spouse, and enjoy the time together. Pick a new sport to try or discover new restaurants.

5. Get away

Find the time to get away with your spouse overnight. Go on vacation just the two of you without extended family or your kids. Dating your spouse is important, but getting away on vacation is all the more enjoyable. If you cannot go away overnight, then consider spending an entire day with your spouse from 7 am until 10 pm. Try to do this every six months, or as often as you feel you need the focused couple time.

6. Pray with your spouse

There is something special about praying with your spouse, rather than just for them. Perhaps it is the encouragement to know that your mate cares enough to pray with you. Or the mere fact that prayer tends to bring people closer together. Take the challenge to pray together every day for the next 7 days.


Tips to Pick Wedding Photographer

Where To Look. One of the best places to look is the internet. Don’t stop with a simple google search for “wedding photographer + city name” as this is extremely vague. Try logging onto photo publishing sites such as or smugmug. Most of these photo sites are home to a huge array of professionals looking for work. Do a search for “wedding” near your hometown on one of these sites and I’m sure you’ll be able to find hundreds, if not thousands, of photographers eager to shoot your wedding.

How To Choose. The most important thing you’ll need to take into consideration about a photographer is whether or not you like them and their work. Emailing back and forth, looking at randomly chosen portfolio pictures online is generally never enough. You need to develop a relationship. Call each photographer on the phone and talk. A photographer will feel more connected to your wedding and will be a lot more relaxed, and most of the time will be able to produce better results. If possible, visit the photographer’s studio. If they don’t have one, schedule a meeting at a Starbucks and ask him to bring examples from past weddings – make sure these samples are of one complete wedding and not just highlights from multiple events they’ve covered.

Digital Versus Film. While many photographers still use film (and can produce equally good results), you’re most likely going to want to make sure you’re looking into one who’s using digital. In this day in age, digital has surpassed film for multiple reasons. On top of being much more immediate, the creative freedom digital has lets photographers shoot much more quickly. Being able to check and make sure the image is good gives photographers a second chance if they’ve missed something. And there’s never any worry about whether or not something could go wrong in post processing. If a photographer insists on using film, it’s most likely because he’s never tried digital.

What To Ask. Many professional photographers either have their own studio or work for one. Since building a relationship with your photographer is key to getting great results, the most important thing to ask them is if they’re going to be the actual photographer shooting your wedding or if they’re going to be sending someone else. If the latter is true, see if you may meet with the person shooting. Secondly, make sure that there will only be one photographer. Having multiple photographers means your guests won’t know which lens to look at. One photographer is generally able to turn out anywhere from 500 to 1000 images on their own, so you can image how hard it would be to look through double that amount.

Can I Get Reprints? As soon as a professional photographer snaps a shot, he owns the copyright to that image. Even if you pay a fee to get your high resolution digital files from the wedding, the photographer has a legal right to charge you if you ever want any reprints later on. Usually, if you are paying for the digital negatives, a photographer won’t mind if you get your own reprints, but make sure you talk to them about it first. If you can, get it in writing.


Essential Bridal Tips

Hottest Trends in Decor Right Now

The hottest trend in decor right now is drama, color, larger than life and making dramatic statements. It’s not about overdoing, but creating memorable statements with decor. Colors! Color, fashion, and decor go very much together. The hot colors this season are very vibrant colors such as yellows and hot turquoise.

Limited Budgets Should Not Leave out This Design Element

If it is a sit down dinner, you should really concentrate on the designing of the tables. Make an impression with something really beautiful. But, before you even do that, the first thing that people are going to see at your elegant Michigan wedding is the bridal bouquet. That should be spectacular. It is the first flower that the guests see when the bride is coming down the aisle. It should compliment the dress and tell the story of who she is and also make a wonderful statement. Another thing that I think that is important as well is to see what can be done differently. You should try really hard to create a buzz word. The same thing applies in fashion; there is always a great detail to a dress or a great color.

Some Greate Way to Decorate a Ceremony and Reception

You should focus on creating something dramatic at the entrance. A lot of people want to concentrate on the aisle, why not do something in all the aisles? It really pulls everything together; and of course, something at the alter. It’s important to create some excitement at the entrance. At your elegant Michigan wedding reception, the escort card table is one of the first places that you can make an impression. Use your theme. Whether this is sculpted lions and elephants, see what your vendors and location have and work with it.

These dramatic designs and ideas can influence any average celebration and turn them into the elegant Michigan wedding it deserves. Focus on your dream and the overall theme and everything will come together eventually. I hope these tips help, and once again congratulations!


Bridal Shower Ideas

If you’re holding the bridal shower in the fall or winter months, then seasonal themed bridal shower favors are definitely the way to go. Gorgeous yellow, oranges and browns look so festive for October and November showers, while silver, white, and gold favors are perfect for bridal showers held in December, January and February.

A few great ideas for fall showers would be fall candles or fall themed coasters. For winter showers, how about elegant snow flake themed favors or crystal favors that remind one of ice? You can already see these favors shimmering on your guests tables.

Will your bridal shower be held in the spring months of March, April or May? You have an extensive selection of spring and garden themed favors to choose from. Seed wedding favors are a practical bridal shower favor that will remind your guests for months to come of the fun they had at the shower. Flowers are blooming in spring so take your cue from Mother Nature and select a floral themed bridal shower favors such as a daisy or rose favor.

Wedding shower in the warm, summer months? Think beach, backyard picnic, Tropical Island or nautical themes and match your bridal shower favors to your decorations. A beach bucket filled with seashells or a sailboat party favor match beach theme or nautical themed bridal showers. For a backyard picnic, select butterfly party favors. Tropical Island? How about flip flop magnets or candles.

Want to simplify your shower favors? The easiest and quickest way to select your bridal shower favors is to match them to the wedding color scheme. Did you bride select pink and chocolate brown? You can choose pink candle favors with a brown ribbon. Is blue the color choice? Practical party favors such as the something blue post it notes.

Is your bridal shower going to be more of a girl’s night out? Lingerie bridal shower? Lingerie parties are all the rage now for brides to be and an absolute blast for the guests. Fun stiletto key chains or pink polka dot purse manicure sets would make great favors.

Just remember to not sweat the little things. Take care of the big things and the rest will fall into place allowing you to enjoy the bridal shower also.